Human Mage


Basic details
Basically a good kind fellow who has had a rough start in life and is in the thrall of his gambling habit and like most addicts that rules him, so far through being relatively sensible in who he steals form and where and when using his limited self control to stop just before he becomes destitute, desperate and so reckless he has managed to avoid geting on the wrong side of the law but its been as they say a damned close call which is why he is here as the last time ended up with him stowed away on a boat and then having to work his passage when discovered

A tale of woe
Coradwin was born into a small mercenary company of the sort which are to be found in many places and employed to do all manner of tasks where a half hundred armed men are required. These ranged from minor wars between rival land owners to caravan guarding and occasionally being brigaded together with others of their kind to form a fighting unit in a more major war.Coradwin’s father, Vurekel was a long time soldier in the company of no rank, he made corporal every so often but generally got demoted again as he was over fond of the drink and got mean when drunk and his mother, Merithel was a camp follower who had married his father having come to the company having fled a previous marriage. The marriage straightened out Vurekel at least for a while and he made corporal and stayed there this time and was a proud father to his young son, Coradwin. Unfortunately this relative happiness did not last as when Coradwin was six his mother fell with child again after a long time were it looked like he would be an only child.However the pregnancy ended in a hard labour and nothing could be done by the Company women or the surgeon to save Merithel indeed it was rumoured after that her second son was cut form her after she died, however none who where present at the birth would ever comment.

After his wife’s death Vurekel returned to his old ways and hit the bottle hard, losing his promotion for a foolish brawl too many and around the time Coradwin reached eight his life in another with a member of another similar company which ended in a knife being used in the jakes behind a tavern, in a backwater town. Any way Vurekel had by this point long ceased to be any sort of parent either to Coradwin or his brother Melidar, and the care such as it could be called that had passed to the company and its hangers on as Melidar was a babe in arms he tended to be better looked after at least at the start than his older brother who was old enough to be put to useful work. At first helping to drive the companies pack train and latter having been given some training as a skirmisher with sling and buckler. Coradwin as he entered his teen age years became increasingly unhappy with his lot in life and like most unhappy teenagers he acted up which in no way improved his treatment and so it spiralled on. He took to gambling at every opportunity and since he had no money for this he took to stealing things from the company stores to sell to get money. This might have worked had he any skill as a thief but he did not and got caught punished and so the spiral grew. In the end the company captain decided that he needed rid of the troublesome kid and sold him to a wizard called Glavren Anizmir who they had worked along side and who had taken a shine to the lad and started to teach him to read and write.

At first the wizard was uncomfortable with Coradwin being his slave, as the wizard had some sympathy with the teachings of the FREE so decided to treat the lad as an apprentice. Latter when Coradwin though an able apprentice was found out as a thief the wizard some what regretted his choice as you can’t sell on an indentured apprentice when they are found to be troublesome as you can a slave. The situation continued for as long as the Wizard found the thieving apprentice useful but eventually things went beyond the Wizards tolerance zone and he had by this time a couple of apprentices who could do the same work and where not robbing him blind whilst doing it, so he let Coradwin “graduate” form his apprenticeship and told him to make himself scarce.

Since then Coradwin has been a wanderer, largely because despite his limited magical repertoire being useful in hiding his thievery he is a rubbish thief and always no matter how hard he tries not toends up thieving to support his gambling. His latest adventure in this regard, caused him to come to the isle having had to stow away on a ship at his last port of call when one of the aggrieved victims of his most recent thefts was on his way to the local temple of the true, who ran the local petty courts system as they often do, with enough evidence to get Coradwin a severe flogging and possibly worse.

Familial relations
Coradwin has not seen his brother in years indeed since he was indentured to the Wizard Glavren Anizmir, but they never really got on for a number of reasons principle amongst which are. Coradwin some what irrationally blames Melidar for his mother’s death and every thing which followed on form it, to Coradwin, Melidar birth marked the end of his happy child hood, he is also of the opinion that Melidar was favoured over him by the various people who got to look after them after the death of their mother during their grief stricken fathers decline, again not entirely fair as Melidar was a babe in arms to start with and did not fall into the ways of petty thievery and there by alienate otherwise well disposed people. When Melidar was old enough, Coradwin resented him for taking to the life of a trainee man at arms better than him and the two used to squabble continually when in each others company to the point that they where generally kept apart as much as possible. Coradwin does not miss his brother thought he does wonder what he grew up like some times. However never to the point where he is inclined to actively find out.


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