Gnome Mage/Thief


This gruff little fellow is the gnome Fas. He, just like any other well respected gnome, loves to take part in all sorts of tinkery although is he not so well respected, having no family of his own and never having known his parents he does not have the stature of birth of other gnomes enjoy. because of this he is using his affinity with magic and clockwork to make a name for himself as the greatest clockwork engineer that there ever has been!

Unlike other gnomes, Fas, from his earliest memory was alone on the street, finding food and money in ways that no good gnome should take part in. From a little gnome nipper he learnt to keep his wits about him and be ready for any situation.

When our good Fas struck the gnomish age of manhood (45) he took to the dusty paths in search of demand for his clockwork (as not many people in each place desire these fine works the most silver is pocketed from jumping place to place) so that’s exactly what he did. With his house on his back this lowly gnome of greatest utility, set forth into the wonders of the world in search of gold, titles and recognition.

Using his free time on the road Fas studies tomes and scrolls in order to expand his understanding of the arcane ways. He got his first spell book through less than legal methods (as parting a wizard with his tirelessly gained spells is not easy) Fas’s spell book came from one such event. He took the book from a blind elderly wizard not believing his luck, this and other factors encouraged Fas to leave his home and take up his more noble profession.


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