Frolly Potbelly

The Cook


Frolly spent his early childhood in the company of a small but sufficient community of halflings. While mostly content and satisfied by the modest delights that graced the community on a daily basis, Frolly felt he was always destined for greater pastures. As a young halfling he found himself consistently drawn to any of his town’s visitors, particularly the human and elves who would pass through. Clinging to them and questioning them endlessly he stopped at nothing wishing to learn all of their stories and tales of the outside world and what it had to offer. Despite his sincere intentions his interest in guests would typically turn from amusing to annoying in only a short time.

Never really one for words, his intentions were often misunderstood but thankfully for him his handsome appearance typically proved sufficient to help him get by and smooth over most social encounters. Amongst his peers, Frolly was generally well liked despite his shortcomings, especially when given the opportunity to cook his interesting and elaborate meals. His unhealthy obsession for food, even amongst halfling standards, had always drawn him to kitchens and campfires learning to cook up and bake new and improved recipes. While his penchant for wanderlust made him a bit of a social outcast among his community the others could not deny that Frolly had an honest talent when it came to cooking.

As time passed he learned to use his cooking as a means of making friends. It wasn’t long before he realized his skills deserved more attention. With the urging of some neighbor halflings he was finally convinced to sit down and record his recipes until he had filled a small book. Once he started writing, a fire of passion was ignited within him and his drive to explore and travel the land and find new and rare ingredients to cook up fantastic meals was kindled. With little to his name, most of what he had earned up until now, he’d earned through both wit and luck. Never too ashamed to steal from those who can spare, he’s managed to get by and avoid getting caught while still keeping his coin purse modestly filled.

Now Frolly hopes to leave his small village and travel the vast continent in search of stories, adventure, and most of all ingredients and recipes to share with those he calls friends and maybe even bring back the best of his finds to his modest home among the halflings. If all goes well he will make a name for himself as one of the bravest and couragous cooks to grace the face of Tellene.


Frolly Potbelly

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