Human Cleric of Risk


born in Athek to an old clan that was too illiterate to realize it. She had a severe sun stroke while in the desert, and was lost for two days in the sands before a priest, also lost, found her and did what he could by way of sorcery.
After both emerged she lived with the clan for several more years and was married to a Brandobian with money, who died of a congenital disease while traveling the thousand miles home. There she met the same priest, so decided to induct her into the Sly Mysteries, using her unfeigned cluelessness to get whatever she actually wanted, and avoid being suspected of any credible malice. 
She came here because someone in the hierarchy suggested it.

Now I figure I have tried to have my bets and play ignoramus so far, but I will use a spell I am granted if I possibly can, for whatever minor benefit. I basically have no should beyond theft and menial labor as a weak foreigner, so I’m interested in hooking up with someone intelligent and someone tough. She’s not very clever but she’s cocky now that she can do stuff ‘like a wizard’.


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