Dwarf Fighter


A Fighter whose silver-grey hair frames a youthful face on an otherwise average seeming Dwarf.


Norahild was raised in the Dwarven kingdom of Draska with all expectations to follow in the footsteps of her family as a skilled Miner earning further renown for her family name. Alas but this was not to be. Only a few years into her apprenticeship in the fine art of excavating tunnels and disaster struck! One of the more clumsy students who hadn’t yet failed out of the training (partially due to his parents’ monetary donations) made a critical error in judgment and brought the whole structure down about their heads! For days, it felt, she was trapped in a small earthen & stone pocket with no tools of her own at hand, awaiting rescue, barely room to pace more than a hunched-over step in any direction, nothing but darkness. When finally the rescuers came, she was wide-eyed and ever so glad to be freed from the confining space. She fled to the surface and collapsed there on the grass, shading her eyes as they adjusted back to the day-lit world. She didn’t realize the depth of her reaction until she was required to return to the project when classes began again. She couldn’t. She just stood there and stared, literally shaking in her boots, as she stared at the narrow passage leading down into the earth. Her friends thought her being silly until she utterly panicked and freaked out as they tried to tug her along with them as they entered. Thus it was time for a career change. Not long after this event, her hair began to turn silvery grey in testament to her trauma. Feeling the dissatisfaction of her family at her change of heart from the path of Mining that was such a deep tradition of their line, she distanced herself.

She continued her lessons in Geology, roaming the rocky hills and studying the earth in the fresh air with instructors who knew of exposed layers of the land that she needn’t delve to find and study. One such instructor, a borderline elderly Dwarf who went by the name of Stonebeard was also steeped in the skills of fighting the enemies of their kind, he offered to train her in offense and defense as she seemed determined to distance herself from the more traditional haunts of their folk and wander the surrounding lands in her alternate method of learning more of the rocks she still loved. She would consider his offer, but did not actually take him up on it until she was set upon by some hooded brigands as she hauled a small sack of interesting rocks back for study at the Stoutheart Gems & Jewelry shop where she had apprenticed not long after she realized that a life of Mining was not going to happen for her. So, bloodied and rock-less, she found herself on Stonebeard’s doorstep with a glint of resolve in her eyes. By the stone bowels of the land, she’d learn to defend herself and then she’d show no mercy to those who sought to rob her! She learned how to strike blows with precision meant to cripple a foe, and she imagined how they could live to regret their ill choice just a wee bit longer as they writhed in pain before she sent them tumbling down whatever steep hill she’d be exploring when another robbery attempt might be made. Likely it wouldn’t go down like she imagined, but it was a comforting thought to picture herself giving the villains what-for.

After her apprenticeship time-frames in crafting and appraisal at Stoutheart Gems & Jewelry came to a conclusion, she was not offered a position. She cared naught for the wheeling and dealing and ledgers that came with working in such a shop, and preferred simply working with the stones and making them something to admire. They had no openings for those positions though and it would be a long while before one came available, as it was a craft equal in popularity to Mining in her homeland and had no lack of applicants with better people skills and talents with the required ledgering to aid their positions. So, having learned all she could here of Stones & Gems and their crafting, she turned her attention to finishing her basic training with Stonebeard as a fighter. In the course of his training he taught her how to judge the quality of weaponry and armor that they encountered. He also showed her that she was not afraid to go underground, but just in narrow and confined spaces. A nice roomy underground hall was still pleasant, when she had room to swing her Warhammer around herself. She breathed a sigh of relief when she realized this, and could then venture into established underground corridors to further study the underground Geology of natural and man-made structures, learning how to identify potential hazards that could lead to instability in such.

It was almost a sad day for her when her sessions with Stonebeard came to a conclusion. The anticipation of setting out on her own to further her learning of the stones she loved vastly outweighed any sentimental thoughts of family or friendship ties though, for she’d heard of a mysterious moving island she felt would hold a trove of different Geological wonders for her to study and find treasures!


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