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  • Alfeo Cande

    Alfeo is the Protege' of Brenin Yale. They became friends while aboard the Svimohzish vessel “ALIZAH”, where Alfeo was part of the ship's crew.

  • Gronck

    Gronck was born into a very harsh, very real life in severe juxtaposition with his surroundings. Typical of his kind, he is a child of rape. His mother was a saintly soul who endured, for even though she was treated most foul, she would not give up on …

  • Norahild

    Norahild was raised in the Dwarven kingdom of Draska with all expectations to follow in the footsteps of her family as a skilled Miner earning further renown for her family name. Alas but this was not to be. Only a few years into her apprenticeship in the …

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