Raven's Bay

Raven’s Bay
(Population: 800)
Ruling body: Counsel of 5
The Bay was planed out and built for efficiency.
Surround by a Stone wall and towers . The town is made up of brick lined streets many white walled multistory apartment blocks and ware houses line the streets. A large market in its center where many tradesmen and shops can be found. A keep sit in the north west section its towers can be seen from afar. The harbors and water ways run into town

The Bay as its called is the largest settlement on the isle and the only one with a permanent harbor
The government is rather young, and founded by Ex-Pirates. the city laws are a bit lax but if you do get in trouble you might find yourself in the salve market or worse. The market is always bissy when ships come in caring merchants looking to buy exotic goods and new explorers taking there chance in this wild land. Trade is the life blood of the city. Slaves are not an uncommon site or are the mix of all races seem to be totaled its not uncommon to see a Grell trading his pelts or wild herbs. Dwarfs and Gnomes are a common site working on building of fixing one thing or another. Hlaflings come to town form there farm lands to trade fresh produce.

Parish of the Prolific Coin
Temple of the Stars
Church of Chance
Church of Everlasting Hope

Places of note
The Cuddly Goblin Inn
Down Below Pub
The Raven (tavern/Inn)

Raven's Bay

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